What to do in Kimolos


he abundant chalk — from which the island derives its name — paints the seabed white, turning the sea in Kimolos into a huge natural swimming pool.

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Around the Island

Psathi is the island's port. A traditional Cycladic settlement with cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. You can visit the ancient city in Ellinika where a necropolis was found with tombs carved into the rock dated from the Mycenaean to the Hellenistic era. Gazing the sunset in Mavrospilia where the ancient settlement of the island lies under shallow water is a unique experience. The capital of the island is Chorio. It consists of two settlements, Mesa and Exo Kastro. Mesa Kastro, a picturesque settlement with domes and arches, is built around the original core of the medieval castle (13th century). Houses with loopholes for windows formed the outer wall. Most of the imposing post-Byzantine churches are labelled cultural heritage sights by the Ministry of Culture. The small Cycladic alleys of Chorio will take you to the School square where you will be rewarded by the enchanting view!

Kimolos Experiences | Anemolethe Suites Hotel | Kimolos, Greece

Dive in Crystal Clear Waters

All the beaches around the island are spotless and amazing! They are all worth a visit. Rema is an alluring and leeward beach that will fascinate you. It is located near Chorio and looks like a natural swimming pool. Your gaze will be captivated by Rematonissa and Sirmata, which are caves carved into the soft rock where fishermen used to haul and shelter their boats during winter. The rocks of Kara are ideal for diving. Enjoy the cool shade of the tamarisk trees in Klima. If you prefer coarse white sand and crystal clear waters, Prasa beach will reward you. Do not miss Monastiria (the North wind blows over it), the leeward Soufi, Aliki, Bonatsa, the long Kalamitsi with the tamarisk trees and the lentisks. If you love landscape photography, Aspragremna is the ideal backdrop. You can reach the Cave of Gerakia with its wonderful turquoise waters by boat. Speedboat sea taxis and traditional boats make daily tours around the island and allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible pristine beaches. Feel free to ask us!

Kimolos Experiences | Anemolethe Suites Hotel | Kimolos, Greece

Kimolian flavours

Kimolos is not just famous for its amazing landscape and beaches. You will never forget its authentic cuisine! Ladenia is Kimolos's most sumptuous specialty. Although it requires few and humble ingredients, this is a dish you will never forget. It is made with dough, fresh tomato, onion and olive oil. At Easter, apart from cheese pie (tirenia), you can taste amaranth, pumpkin and honey pies. Tirenia is a delicious open-faced cheese pie. Try also the excellent honey, xino cheese (fresh cottage cheese), manoura (dry cheese wrapped in grape must), cucumbers (round, striped, crispy that are sweet when ripe), capers and the tomato paste made from local tomatoes. The taste of local fresh pasta and fried tomato balls will linger in your memory for a very long time.

Kimolos Experiences | Anemolethe Suites Hotel | Kimolos, Greece

Short Getaway Trips

The largest uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea, Poliegos is located just 1.07 nautical miles southeast of Kimolos. It is an important habitat undisturbed by human presence, declared as Special Protection Area for the species Eleonora's falcon (Falco eleonorae) and included in the European Union's Natura 2000 program. The Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus gives birth to its young on the island. The much photographed Skiadi is Kimolos's landmark. It is an original geological formation that looks like a huge stone mushroom. It is located in the northwestern part of Kimolos, to the west of Sklavi hill. Skiadi was formed by the strong winds that blow in this area and have eroded the various rock types that compose it in a different degree. It is included in the Atlas of Geological Monuments of the Aegean Sea as it is a rare natural monument worldwide.