Our History

Immerse into the Past


NEMOLETHE Suites Hotel is a family affair. The word 'business' sounds fairly unfamiliar to us considering that at the exact same location, a few years ago, there was a small house whose long history is valuable to us.

It used to be our family farmhouse — the ‘haystack’ as we used to call it — with the crops, the vineyard, the lemon tree, the carob tree and the fig trees that we planted with our father when we were young. In the heart of it was the threshing floor. Threshing (separating the grain from the straw) seemed like a magical ritual in our eyes! We ran among the crops and played with the animals, the donkeys and the goats. When the grown-ups finished their chores, they took a break and together we ate ladenia — our traditional savoury pie — local cheese with tomato and sourdough bread. Traditional, local flavours that we wish to share with you.
When darkness fell, we would gather in the farmhouse and tell stories and sing under the dim light of the oil lamps and candles.

In this place, our children too have spent their most delightful summers playing carefree and enjoying the natural beauty of Kimolos, and will keep doing so.
It is a place full of energising aura, which has echoed all these years with our laughter and joy. A place that gave us and our children precious memories. We hope you enjoy it as much too!
Synonymous with love and family, we hope that ANEMOLITHI Suites Hotel inspires these values to all our guests.